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Editing and Copyediting

An editor makes your writing shine. They help you write your own words, but better. Your editor is a proactive supporter of your voice, offering suggestions and alternatives that help you improve the overall readability and quality of your writing.

What do editing services include?

If you talk to ten editors, you'll get ten different answers to this question. The relationship between a writer and an editor is important, so as you're shopping for editing services, be sure the person you choose has similar ideas to yours about how they can help your writing.

Here's what your personal editor will help you with:

Organize ideas for clarity and flow

Arrange sentences for style and readability

Query for confusing ideas and passages, offering alternative interpretations so that the author can clarify their ideas

Point out where background knowledge might be missing and more explanations could be necessary

Ask questions when the meaning is unclear

Correct inconsistencies, such as in the spelling of names and places or in the descriptions of physical objects

Eliminate redundancies, such as when something has been described more than once or an idea has been brought up over and over

Comment on the use of language and tone as appropriate for the intended audience (for example, use of slang may not be appropriate on a blog post intended to be read by retired persons, but could add relevancy to one aimed at people in their early 20s)

Eliminate redundancies, such as when something has been described more than once or an idea has been brought up over and over

Ensure use of appropriate language, including conscious and inclusive language

Limitations of editing services

Editing services do not guarantee that the document is free of all errors

You still need a proofreader (see this post for why)

Writing Rose does not currently offer developmental editing services for fiction

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What kinds of documents
need professional editing?

Editing will improve...

Newspaper and magazine articles

Novels and novellas

Non-fiction books

Children's books

Website content

Blog posts

Online course content

Email list content

Personal statements

Cover letters

Application essays

Mission statements

Statements of purpose

Professional biographies

Artist biographies

Artist statements

Press releases

Press kits and electronic press kits

Informational brochures and pamphlets

Company documents such as training manuals and employee handbooks

What are rates and deadlines for editing services?

Price quotes are completely customized for you and based on what your document needs. Here are factors that influence your quote:

  • Number of words
  • Desired deadline
  • Purpose, goal, or message of your writing
  • Where the writing will be used or published

SPECIAL RATES available for:

  • Repeated or recurring orders
  • Content written about certain high-need topics

Frequently Asked Questions About Editing

Working with an editor is easy!

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