About The Writing Rose

About Writing Rose

A professional writing, editing, and proofreading agency
dedicated to the art of the written word

Writing has four main purposes:
  • Inform an audience
  • Tell stories
  • Achieve goals
  • Advertise products and services

  • We're here to help you you get your message out there.

    About our word experts

    Rosemary Bloom content writer editor proofreader

    Rosemary Bloom

    Owner/founder, head writer, managing editor


    I’ve led a pretty eclectic life, and my knowledge and experiences influence the way I write. I hope my writing draws you in and keeps you following from one sentence to the next. I’ve always been someone to follow my passions, and in a similar way,  I want my readers to be inspired to learn and follow their passions as well. <BR>

    I started Writing Rose because I love a good story. I'm dedicated not only to telling my own, but to helping others put forth their best words possible. <BR>

    Read more about me and my qualifications and experience on my personal website: rosemary-bloom.com